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Feature packed telecoms solutions for businesses.

Call Logging

Call Logging gives you access to invaluable statistics - including number of missed calls, number of inward and outward bound calls, number of personal calls.

Special Features

Management Information

To analyse call activity, you can access reports on a wide range of activities, including call volumes, duration, response times, trunk utilisation, call costs, extension usage, team efficiency, call routing and tracing.

Easy Access

No need for extra software - you can access call stats from any machine on your network.

Deep Knowledge

Each report can be interrogated at great depth for the ultimate analysis.


Run and email reports to groups or individuals in PDF, Word or Excel.


Listen again to any call

Display Stats

Versatile wallboards let you display stats to your requirements.

Call Recording

Call recording can be your proof and protection - cast-iron evidence of what was and what was not said. It also lets you monitor staff, and is a perfect training tool.

Special Features

  • Simple to use
  • Searchable and swift call database
  • Cost-effective back-ups
  • Selective call recording option
  • E-mailable calls
  • Calls encrypted for security

Fraud Protection

We protect your business against criminals who hack into systems and re-route calls through your lines, racking up very high bills for which your company is responsible.

On-Hold Music and Messages

A pleasant melody for customers and prospects on hold is literally the very least you can do. We can help you to introduce positive company messages or sales information too, to leave people better informed.

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Office On The Go

The myPortal app allows staff to work literally anywhere on earth and still be properly connected to the office through their iPhone or Android smartphone.

They can dial out straight through the main system, check on colleagues' availability and status, transfer calls back into the office or set up conference calls seamlessly.

UC Smart

Put UC Smart on every staff member's desktop PC and let them personalise their phones to deliver better customer service and drive efficiency up.

They can easily change settings with the click of a mouse and manage their communications better with all these applications:

Special Features

Instant Messaging

Tell colleagues who are on the phone that there's another call waiting so they can choose to end one call and take another.

Absence Alerts

Give a specific and detailed reason for your absence so colleagues can tell if you're temporarily or permanently unavailable.

Customer Alerts

Sales opportunities and difficult customers can be flagged up for specific staff to deal with.

Extension Status

See at a glace if colleagues' extensions are free, engaged or calling.

Address Book

One-click dialling for frequent and important contacts.

Call History

Easily check missed and recently-dialled calls.

Versatile Voicemail

Our voicemail systems allow you the flexibility to give customers and prospects the best options when someone can't speak to them.
Messages can be recorded for individuals, or one group message can be used where customers' responses can be listened to by any member of staff.
There will always be the option for customers to hold and speak to someone, and separate messages can be left for in-office and out-of-office hours.
And if staff are away from the office, emails will alert them when messages have been left.