Get more from mobiles.

We can provide big-name sim-only mobiles with affordable line rentals and call charges. Our choice of packages is designed to give you the best-possible tarrifs. Our aim is to take 10% - at least - off your current mobile spending.

Mobile Packages

Our mobile packages allow free calls in three ways: between business mobiles, to your office, and to any UK landline. Loop telecoms have partnered with Vodafone and O2 to offer the most flexible sim-only contracts to all our customers.

Not bundled to a handset, SIM only deals are notably cheaper than standard smartphone contracts. They even offer the flexibility to change devices whenever you please. Here at Loop, we offer SIM only deals on 30-day rolling contracts. This means you're free to modify your plan monthly, increasing your data or decreasing your minutes to suit your lifestyle.

Why choose SIM Only?
If you already own a phone you're happy with, a SIM Only plan is a wise choice. Not only can you carry on using the device you love, you can look forward to paying less every single month too. As you'll no longer need to factor in the cost of a new handset, your monthly plan will simply include a bundle of minutes, texts and data that suit you.

SIM only contracts are popular thanks to their flexibility too. At Loop, SIM Only deals operate as 30-day rolling contracts, meaning you can modify or end your contract easily by giving us a month's notice. It's great if you find your data usage fluctuates month to month, or if you're not ready to sign up to a new 12 or 24-month contract straight away. Got your eye on a new handset, which won't be released for three months? Try SIM Only while you wait!


  • Flexible terms
  • Combined billing with your other lines and calls
  • Option to keep existing numbers
  • Free calls to the office
  • Free calls between mobiles
  • Free calls to any UK landline (excluding 08 numbers)
  • Integration of mobiles with your office phone system

On top of all of this, you'll still benefit from network perks like free EU Roaming as a SIM Only customer.