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Your friendly and expert business telecoms partner.

So many businesses talk about themselves but we want to find out about you. What your business needs. How we can improve your communications with new technology and cost effective solutions tailored to your budget.

Technology is changing and we want you to have the best telecoms products and services for your business.

    We have the perfect range of communication solutions for business. Meaning we can provide you with advanced on-premise telecoms system that actively helps and supports your business.

    We’re a fully accredited Business Partner with one of the market leading telecoms provider, Unify formally Siemens Communications and very proud of it.

    Benefits of an on-premise phone system:
    • Cheaper than a hosted system over time, but may have limitations with technology advances.
    • Loads of features included on the phone system to plug in and get you working straight away.
    • Adaptability of these systems so it can be tailored perfectly to your business.
    Using the advances in VoIP, Loop Cloud offers the features of the on-premise phone systems, delivered efficiently through the magic Loop cloud. This means your phone system is managed by our Loop experts, and all you need are the handsets and any other additions your businesses requires.

    This can have the advantage of saving money on your lines and calls whilst delivering high quality calls.

    Benefits of hosted phone system:
    • Savings on your calls, utilising the latest technology of VoIP.
    • Maintenance of your phone system is taken away and dealt with by the team at Loop.
    • Access from any location to the Loop cloud, all you need is a handset.
    We understand that businesses need access anytime, anywhere and flexibility for your team is important. We want your telecoms to be fluid so we can help to give your business the edge when it comes to doing business in any location.

    We can offer solutions to allow your team to work anywhere in the world ensuring that productivity and satisfaction of your people stays high on your agenda. Happy employees mean a happy business.

    Benefits of remote working:
    • Secure remote access, anywhere, anytime.
    • Provides flexibility for your business and team.
    • Ensures business continuity for the business and employees.
    If you have more than one location, we can help too. After an initial site audit we can provide you with a tailored, cost-effective solution linking your locations to provide your business with the best telecoms system.

    We understand the importance of communication, which is why we want to improve yours. Your business can take advantage of video, conference calling, visual voicemails, call recording, database integration all in one user-friendly Loop telecoms solution.

    Benefits of linking your business sites:
    • Increased productivity and communications throughout your locations.
    • Sites can be connected 24/7 with just one phone system offering complete reliability for your integrated telecoms system.
    • Easy integration with standard office applications such as Microsoft Outlook.
    It’s always exciting to start a new business and as we know this can be pretty daunting getting all the services you need to take your business live. We work with businesses to understand what they need from their telecoms and create a solution, which can be scaled throughout the growth of your business.

    It’s stressful enough dealing with a new start up, so let us help you navigate the world of telecoms by giving you the best solution covering your phone system, internet, lines and calls, all boxed into one cost-effective telecoms solutions.

    Benefits of letting Loop into your business:
    • We can offer you a complete, tailored package for your businesses, covering phone system, internet, lines and calls and maintenance of your system.
    • Guidance and advice on telecoms systems to support future growth and scalability of your business.
    • Significantly lower costs than major providers, eliminating the need to shop around.
    Relocation is often an opportunity to re-evaluate your current telephone system. We can help you to upgrade your telecoms and ensure a smooth transition with no down time from one location to the next.

    We have a great team of engineers who can help to install your telecoms at any new location. Whether you decide to upgrade or just need to move and scale your existing hardware. Why not let the Loop team take away the stress of moving your telecoms.

    Benefits of moving with Loop:
    • Highly experienced engineers.
    • Advice and information about your telecoms and what the best option would be for your business in the new location.
    • Constant connectivity with no downtime during your move.