Loop explained.
By the people who own it.

We own and run Loop. We do that for the satisfaction of giving companies like yours the best telecoms solution we can, at the best price we can, to deliver the biggest benefits we can. With no shareholders, no invisible backers, and no vast company structure to hide away in, the buck stops fairly and squarely with us.

And since we like to be able to look each other squarely in the eye, we really do like things done properly. We start with plain speaking; jargon disguises more than it reveals, so we steer clear. We continue with knowledge. We’ve spent many years in telecoms, it fascinates us all still, and we chase the best of the new avidly.

And we end with service. Which means installation by experts who care, full-time support from people who like to see problems solved and always, a named individual responsible for keeping you happy.

And that’s it. No high-pressure sell. No blinding you with science. Just an open, honest service which we’re convinced will give you the best telecoms solution for your budget.

And isn’t that precisely
what you’re looking for?
Thank you for your time,

The loop team